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1. Pre-sales Service

Posted on jan 13th, 2015 by Finibus Bonorum

We can accept trial order from our customers so that you can get certain understanding about the quality and functions of our products. For different customers, the policy for trial order is different. In your order, you can select one type or several types of products. Meanwhile, we will offer relevant transportation service as well.


2. In-sales Service

JNDO Company can offer nearly all the accessories for the winch. It is sure that customer is able to purchase the related accessories from us. Before signing the contract, we will notify our customer of the production cycle and the delivery time. Generally, the production cycle is about 30 days. However, depending on the size of order, as well as the number of models of the products, the production cycle may be different.


3. After-sale Service

We have complete Installation and Service Manual for each product. All the customers can install and use the product successfully when they receive it. Meanwhile, all the accessories will be delivered by container together with the product. The warranty period is one year. We will send the corresponding accessories to you and instruct you the installation and maintenance providing they are not damaged by user.


4. Other special service

Supported by the powerful research and development team, we are capable of providing you with the existed designs and the corresponding solutions according to your requirement. Also, for the dealers and the agents, we will offer free training on the installation and technical maintenance. Customers may designate technicians to our company for free training, which will help you to enhance your service quality and the customer’s satisfaction.


5. Customized Product and OEM

We will offer customized product according to the specifications, styles and parameters required by the customers. Meanwhile, cooperation in OEM is also welcomed.